Reporting an issue

If you’re an existing tenant living in a property that is managed by H2L. Expert Letting and you’d like to report an issue, please contact our Property Care team.  The contact details were also in the Guidance notes that you received when you first moved in and they will have been E mailed to the Lead tenant as well as any other co tenants.

We’re available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We’re closed evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

The quickest and easiest way to report an issue us by E mailing but in an Emergency, please always call us.  You can also send an SMS message to our Property Care SMS Gateway or you can call us when our offices are open. Please bear in mind we cover a large geographical area, that most of our work is on site and at properties and that we cannot always answer within three rings, much as we’d like to.

If you do call, our systems will recognise your number whether you leave a voicemail message or not, and we will always call you back within 24 working hours.

When reporting an issue, please make sure that you always contact us when it first occurs or when you first notice it. In most cases we will be able to log the issue on our systems, give you an indication as to it’s priority and some guidance as to how soon it may be resolved. The sooner you can tell us the better. Please don’t wait until you have a day off work to report issues, or until you finish work as in most cases our contractors will not be able to attend same-day.

We’ll need authorisation from your landlord first to send out a contractor, and as our own contractors don’t work for us as full-time employees, you’ll need to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to attend. This is because we don’t know their schedules and we won’t know your availability by the hour either.

In some cases, your landlord may wish to use their own contractor. We will still manage the process, but you’ll appreciate they won’t necessarily be on our Approved list.

The national companies will often give you a 7.15am to 8pm time slot and then notify you the day before of a more realistic arrival time.  Please always bear in mind that we are reliant on your landlord and the contractor. We work on their behalf at all times.

Once the issue has been accepted by the contractor will E mail you confirmation of the issue, a unique number and the contractor’s name and contact details. We will also send the contractor your contact details for them to contact you.

Please look out for their call.  If you don’t hear from them in a reasonable period of time, please contact them directly to arrange access.

It’s really important that you take their call or call them back in a timely manner to arrange access.  We understand that people have busy lives, but if you can’t be at home, then perhaps ask a trusted friend or relative to wait in once you have arranged a time for the contractor to attend.

Once your landlord has agreed any costs involved we’ll notify the contractor to proceed with the work and they will either complete the work or order any relevant parts. Please be aware that most of the time any specific parts will need to be ordered and it’s impossible for contractors to carry every part on their vans. Please also accept that merchants and suppliers may need to order items, that they don’t necessarily stock every part and they work restricted hours or are closed at weekends and on Bank Holidays.   Again, the earlier we’re notified of a problem, the better.

Some things that might go wrong are your own responsibility. These things are about you living “in a tenant-like manner”, These things are like changing light bulbs that are easily accessible and safe to change, cleaning windows inside and out, changing extractor filters and unblocking drains if the block is caused by something you have put down it. So please be aware that if the issue is something that’s your responsibility, the contractor may charge you, rather than your landlord.

Equally, please do not attempt to resolve issues yourself. If something stops working or is broken, contact us rather than stripping it down and asking us for parts. This is especially important when it comes to electrical appliances or electric heating systems or gas boilers where the contractors must have the relevant training, qualification and certification in order to work on that particular appliance.

In an Emergency

If you have an Emergency please call Property Care on 0333 772 0224 during our normal office hours. Outside these times and on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays only please call 0871 266 3663* and leave a detailed voicemail message.  The message will be instantly relayed to one of our designated On Call property experts who will respond to you within an hour.

Please do not send an SMS or E mail in an Emergency. Outside office hours they will not be responded to.

Examples of an Emergency would be a life-threatening or serious damaging effect on the property, for example, where you have water pouring through the ceiling and can’t turn the water off at the stop tap, where all your electrics have blown and you can’t turn the trip switch back on yourself at the consumer unit, or if you have no heating or no hot water.

Please don’t call the Emergency number because our lines were engaged the first time you called or because you believe you’ll get a faster response to an issue that is ongoing.  If you’ve already been informed as to the contractor who is dealing with it, please contact them directly.

*Calls are charged as business rate numbers.