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We understand that there are a number of reasons why people let their home or property.

Increasingly, we’re seeing lots of “accidental” or unintentional landlords because they either can’t sell their property or won’t sell it at the price it’s been valued at. More often than not, people have worked really hard to buy their most important asset in the first place and don’t want to let go of it that easily.

Letting can be a good option, where you have somewhere else that you’re moving to, either back in with friends or family, or where you have another property that you’re moving into.

There are a few more considerations to be mindful of, like ensuring that the timing is spot on and realising that you may have to let some good tenants go by because you’re not quite ready for them to move in.

The other thing to be aware of are the emotional ties that you may still have with your home. Leaving your home to let it out to strangers can be daunting, so make sure that you’re ready for someone else to be living in your pride and joy!

H2L can give lots of great advice when it comes to letting your property when your ultimate intention is to sell it. It’s something we deal with day to day although many landlords are happy to continue letting at the present time.

When the time is right to sell, we’ll be happy to arrange valuations from selling agents, manage the relationship with your tenant and issue the correct legal notices and manage your property through the transition.

Be sure not to start the process too quickly though, as you could frighten off good tenants, only for the property to stand empty while you sell it. This could be a very long time in present conditions if it isn’t priced correctly.

One of our property specialists from our partner selling agent, Green Gray Limited, will be more than happy to value your property when the market returns to normal. We’ll also be happy to offer you VAT-free sale* and loyalty discount.

We’ll update this page regularly.


* subject to the VAT threshold in force at the time.

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