If you’re an existing tenant living in a property that H2L is managing and you’d like to report an issue, please contact our Property Care team.

We’re available 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.

The best way to report an issue is to call us but you can also email us at if you prefer.

When reporting an issue, please make sure that you report the issue at the time when it happens or when you first notice it, not at 5.29pm on a Friday evening! If you do, we’re unlikely to be able to help you until the following week.

We’ll need authorisation from your landlord first to send out a contractor, and as our contractors don’t work for us as full-time employees, you’ll need to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to come round. This is because we don’t know their appointments and we won’t know your availability either.

Once the issue is logged on our system we will text you the issue number and the contractor’s name and contact details, and we’ll also send the contractor your contact details.

It’s really important that you take their call or call them back. Please don’t call us unhappy weeks later to say that no one has called to resolve the issue if you haven’t attempted to call them or return their calls when they have called you.

Once the landlord has agreed the cost we’ll inform the contractor and they will either complete the work or order any relevant parts. Please be aware that most of the time any specific parts will need to be ordered and it’s impossible for contractors to carry every part on their vans.

Some things are the tenant’s responsibility by living "in a tenant-like manner", like changing light bulbs, cleaning windows inside and out, changing extractor filters and unblocking drains if the block is caused by something you have put down it. So please be aware that if the issue is something that’s your responsibility, we will charge you not the landlord.


If you have an Emergency please call 0845 302 2849 first during our normal office hours. Outside these times and on Sundays and Bank Holidays only please call 0871 266 3663*.

Examples of an Emergency would be a life-threatening or serious damaging effect on the property - where you have water pouring through the ceiling and can't turn the water off at the stop tap, where all your electrics have blown and you can't turn the trip switch back on yourself at the consumer unit, or if you can smell a strong smell of gas and you haven't left the oven on.

Please don't call the Emergency number because our lines were engaged the first time you called or because you believe you'll get a faster response to another issue.

* Calls charged at 50p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from other telecoms providers may cost more.

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